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Top Jobs for Women Over 50

Whether you are looking for a career change or want to return to the workforce after a pause, there are different jobs for women over 50 to consider.
According to the UK labour statistics, in recent years, the employment rate of this age group has risen from 56% to 73%. A lot of professionals returned to the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the reasons may vary, the good news is that there are many opportunities to choose from. In this guide, you’ll find the best jobs for women over 50 as of today.

Industries with Sustained Demand

Healthcare and Social Assistance

Healthcare is one of those industries that always needs professionals with career experience. Many women find great opportunities here with competitive salaries and a good work environment.

One of the best jobs in healthcare is nursing. If you are caring, detail-oriented, and communicative, it can be a great new career opportunity. Women over 50 can obtain an RN license in a college or through one of the hospital programs. In two or three years, you’ll be able to earn a decent wage in nursing.
Among other professions, one can look into occupational therapy, patient care, or social assistance.

Social assistance jobs for women are in high demand and often do not require certification or a specific degree. At the same time, they provide a decent income. Some of the positions to consider are:

  • Social worker;
  • Caregiver;
  • Housekeeper;
  • Children’s service worker.

One will need strong communication skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence. If helping others is your passion, it could be a perfect career.

Education and Training

Women over 50 usually have much experience and knowledge to share with others. That’s why they can look into education or training.

For instance, if you used to work in education before, you can try tutoring. It is an ideal job for those who need a flexible schedule. You can organize your calendar and working hours according to your needs and work on yourself. Another benefit of tutoring is that you can do it online and find clients from different parts of the country or even the world.

Professionals of this age range can also change their careers and become teachers. There is no age limit when it comes to teaching. And you can share your knowledge and positively impact future generations. However, you must complete the Initial Teacher Training and acquire the Qualified Teacher Status. Those who enjoy working with kids can choose a subject they want to focus on and join the educational system. Teaching is a fulfilling career that is always in demand.

Those who want to be their boss could consider a career change into coaching. One can start coaching on anything they are an expert in. You can be a relationship coach, financial advisor, life coach, business coach, etc. You can earn money by providing advice or offering courses on the matter.

Technology and IT

Technology also provides a range of exciting careers for women over 50. The exact positions you might aim at depend on your education and previous work experience. However, there are options for specialists with or without prior work in the field.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree and/or experience in the Technology industry, you can opt for project management, software development, graphics design, etc. A lot of these jobs come with flexible schedules and sound money.

If you do not have a degree in Computer Science but you still want to enter this industry, try one of the positions open to beginners, namely:

  • Quality assurance specialist;
  • Technical support specialist;
  • Web search evaluator;
  • Digital marketing specialist;
  • Technical writer.

These industries also offer the best jobs for women in administrative roles. You can be employed as a receptionist, HR specialist, or office manager in an IT company.

Flexible Freelance and Consulting Roles

Freelancing is an excellent option for those who want to add extra money to their current job or want to have more free time. Freelance work has become much more varied with the rise of online services. With internet access and specific skills, you can find a job you like, whether you want to be a virtual assistant or an online financial advisor.

Content Creation and Writing

Women can work as freelance writers. Such a career is specifically suitable for those who are good with words and want to express their creativity differently.

You can start your career by choosing a niche, creating a portfolio with examples of your work, and registering on one or several freelance platforms. It gives you the ability to quickly find clients and start building your skills.

Women freelance writers can choose one of many fields, such as:

  • Content creation;
  • Copywriting;
  • Technical writing;
  • SEO content;
  • Blogposts;
  • Ghostwriting;
  • Writing of business proposals, etc.

Finding a niche is essential, as no one is great at everything. It is easier to focus on one or two things and perfect your skills instead of spreading over all types of writing. Among the benefits of these careers is the ability to work from home even if you have specific health conditions.

Consulting in Specialized Fields

If you have an Associate degree or Master’s degree along with years of experience in a specific industry, you can try consulting. For instance, business consulting, financial advisor, or marketing consulting.

Basically, you can turn your experience into a career where you share passion and insights with younger professionals. Consulting requires deep expertise in the matter and excellent communication skills. At the same time, working with large businesses or corporate clients can bring a lot of money.

Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Why look for a job when you can create one for yourself? If you have always wanted to try entrepreneurship, it might just be a time. You can start your own business online or offline. Many options exist, from opening a brick-and-mortar shop to selling goods online.

You’ll need to have a vision, business plan, strategy, and budget. But if you put your expertise in, you might create a fantastic company and build long-term customer relationships.

Another option is to open a franchise business. A lot of restaurants and cafe chains offer such opportunities. In this case, the vision, mission, and strategy will be ready for you. It is easier to start with, but it has less freedom.

Real Estate

The average age of real estate brokers is 54. It means that women over 50 are very much welcome in the industry.

Real estate agents help clients find and rent or purchase properties. You can work with different property types, price ranges, and locations. It is one of the jobs where you can start relatively easily and quickly. One can be self-employed or work for an established agency. You’ll work with clients, give them property tours, and assist in signing deals.

Creative Arts and Design

If real estate is not for you, consider creative fields like design. For example, one might be interested in graphic design, interior design, or landscape design.

Teaching art is another option if you have experience in it. Some might focus on painting, others on pottery. In any case, it is an exciting career choice.

The industry also offers careers in administration and management. Some might work as Art gallery specialists, manage exhibitions, or work in an art supply shop.

Driving and Logistics

You do not need a commercial driver’s license to work in logistics; you’ll be fine with a regular one. The driving jobs are rising, and the salaries are also growing. There is a high demand for professionals who can deliver goods from one point to another.

Women who love driving and enjoy solitude at work can look into driving jobs. Often, you’ll get a flexible work schedule, and you do not need any specific education to start. Driving experience and knowledge of the city would be a benefit.

Public Service and Advocacy Roles

Community Outreach and Development

Women who want to change their community positively can look into advocacy. There are lots of jobs you can aim at without a particular degree. However, it depends on the advocacy role you are interested in. One might acquire specific certifications to get an advantage in finding employers.

As for advocacy spheres, there is a plethora to select from, including:

  • Homelessness prevention;
  • Children advocacy;
  • Mental health advocacy;
  • Veterans’ advocacy;
  • Community health work;
  • Grant specialist, etc.

As for public service, one might consider a career in urban planning, police, emergency management, economic development, finance, homeland security, public administration, or communications.

Empowering Your Career Journey with Labor Statistics Insights

According to labour statistics 2023, 3.6 million people over 50 work part-time in the UK. This record number shows that more professionals opt for more flexible opportunities. This number increased by 56% since 2003.

For most professionals over 50 years old, money is one of the primary reasons to return to the workforce. However, it can also be an opportunity to switch careers and try something you always wanted to.


Office for National Statistics

Top Jobs for Women Over 50
Date: 2 January 2024
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