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Inside the Search Box: Autumn 2023 Jooble Trends and Popular Queries

Inside the Search Box: Autumn 2023 Jooble Trends and Popular Queries
Date: 1 December 2023

London, December 1, 2023 – Autumn has arrived, bringing along a fresh set of career opportunities. Whether you’re a job board refining your listings, a recruiter scouting top talent, or a job seeker on the hunt, the job market is entering a new phase, and it’s time to catch onto the trends.

Understanding the most popular searches on Jooble will help you stay updated about the latest job market dynamics, draw in more job seekers, compete effectively with other companies, and achieve better results from your marketing efforts.

Being aware of the popular queries and trends enables you to customize your content strategy and enhance your advertising campaigns for more successful outcomes. Let’s delve into the details!
We’ve chosen several countries from different regions to provide a quick overview of the most sought-after job search queries on Jooble. Overall, we’ve identified similar trends across different countries”.

The UK

The most frequently searched terms in the UK include:

  • “part-time job”
  • “babysitter”
  • “dog walker”
  • “remote work”

Additionally, numerous job searches relate to Healthcare, Finance, Logistics & Transportation, Hotel & Restaurant, such as:

  • “work in a cafe”
  • “accountant”
  • “finance manager”
  • “driver”
  • “job in cafe”


Plant mechanics & operators, alongside logistics specialists, dominate the list of popular autumn job searches on Jooble in Germany, with around 6500 queries recorded in the last 30 days.

Part-time work and “mini-job” continue to be preferred by local job seekers, making up approximately 5% of the search base on Jooble. Students are actively searching for internships, constituting about 12 out of every 100 top searches in Germany. Popular searches include “internship,” “first job for student,” and other related titles.


With 34,096 searches in the past 30 days, the word “student” is at the forefront of the French job market. This suggests a strong preference for part-time roles that accommodate students’ schedules, offering them valuable work experience. “Work without a diploma” and “beginner accepts” highlight the need for entry-level positions, making up around 30,000 queries. The job market for medical and educational roles looks optimistic, with substantial searches for “medical secretary” and “school nurse,” indicating a demand for healthcare and education professionals.


“Part-time job” stands out as the most searched keyword in Austria this autumn. Relevant search queries include “data collection home office” and “home office work,” with about 5,500 searches in the last 30 days. Many Austrian job seekers express interest in remote and part-time work arrangements.

The Netherlands

Job search trends in the Netherlands have remained consistent compared to the summer. Over the last 30 days, people have been actively searching for part-time and remote jobs. Popular queries include “work for refugees” and “refugee support,” indicating a societal interest in these roles. Students are also actively seeking employment on Jooble, with searches like “work for student,” “part-time for 18 years old,” and “summer job.”


The most sought-after searches in Poland encompass:

  • “Cleaning”
  • “Office administration”
  • “Part-time job”
  • “Driver”
  • “Remote work”

Important searches involve “care for the elderly” and “kindergarten help,” highlighting the importance of caregivers and educators in society. Searches for specialised roles such as “psychologist,” “nurse,” and “physiotherapist” are also common in Poland.


As for this country, certain trends have remained consistent compared to those of the summer. The top searches in the US still include:

  • “work from home”
  • “part-time”
  • “work in Amazon”

However, Jooble job seekers are currently looking for jobs as teachers and nurses with the start of autumn, indicating the beginning of the new school year. These roles make up about 14 out of every 100 searches and have become the most popular. Other jobs that are in demand among local job seekers include different types of drivers, government positions, civil engineers, designers, and associates. Job seekers are also interested in opportunities at companies like Walmart and Amazon.


In Canada, the most popular queries continue to revolve around the IT services industry, with searches for “C++ developer,” “QA engineer,” “Data science,” and “Graphic designer.” Additionally, there are numerous searches for jobs as various types of drivers, logistics and warehouse operators. The medical industry remains in demand, with job titles such as “nurse,” “medical assistant,” and “doctor.” Job seekers are also actively looking for remote and part-time opportunities in the country.


While particular job search patterns may differ from country to country, several shared themes arise from the examination of Jooble job search data:

  • Part-Time Work: Job seekers worldwide prioritise part-time roles for flexible work-life balance.
  • Remote Work: The demand for remote opportunities is widespread, reflecting a desire for flexible work arrangements.
    Entry-level Positions: Many seek entry-level roles, emphasising accessibility without extensive qualifications.
  • Healthcare and Education: Strong interest in healthcare and education roles suggests a demand for professionals in these fields.
  • Drivers and Logistics: Consistent searches for driver and logistics roles indicate ongoing opportunities in these sectors.
  • Specific Company Searches: Active searches for positions at renowned companies reveal a strong desire to work for recognised employers.
  • Student-Focused Opportunities: Students globally seek tailored jobs or internships with queries like “work for student” and “part-time for 18-year-olds.

These trends provide valuable insights into changing job markets, showcasing diverse preferences among job seekers.

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