CI/CD Engineer

CI/CD Engineer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a CI/CD Engineer to join our team.


  • Design and implement mechanisms that efficiently identify and report software security risks within the existing CI/CD pipeline;
  • Work with the management of engineering teams to surface the security metrics from security tools that is meaningful to them;
  • Work with the GRC team to ensure that necessary regulatory controls are implemented;
  • Help engineering teams leverage all security tools and understand how to benefit from them;
  • Design, deploy and administer security monitoring tools for the security aspects of the CI/CD pipeline;
  • Listen to engineering teams and gather their feedback on how to improve the security tools in the CI/CD pipeline.


  • Strong and clear communication skills, both verbal and written;
  • A passion for helping development teams, an interest in software security, and the desire to embrace the challenge of combining the two;
  • Experience installing, configuring, operating and monitoring CI/CD pipeline tools e.g. Github, CircleCI,, Jenkins;
  • Experience working with and securing microservices in multiple languages;
  • 5-10 years experience;
  • Experience of extracting metrics and events from security tooling;
  • Experience installing, configuring, operating and monitoring software security pipeline tools e.g. SAST, DAST, OSS scanning, container scanning;
  • Strong grasp of infra-as-a-code and configuration tools, e.g.: Ansible/Chef, for the purpose of deploying security tooling;
  • Experience integrating multiple tools together to create pipelines.