Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Machine Learning Engineer to join our team.


  • Support the adherence to standards and quality;
  • Developing, executing and refining data science solutions to assist in the analysis and interpretation of geoscientific data;
  • Adapting standard machine learning methods to best exploit modern parallel environments(e.g. distributed clusters, GPU).


  • Experience with service oriented architecture(SOA);
  • Experience with cloud development and technologies such as AWS or Azure;
  • Experience with Spark, Hadoop, Pig or other MapReduce-based architectures;
  • Proven software engineering skills in two or more programming languages, like Python, Scala, Java or C#
  • Strong team player, communicative, and open to others’ ideas;
  • Strong computer science and system architecture foundations;
  • Strong communication skills and great teamwork skills;
  • Familiarity with linux based development;
  • MS degree in Computer Science or similar fields. Or demonstrable working experience in software/data engineering;
  • Fluency in python;
  • Experience architecting/applying technology to solve real world challenges;
  • Strong user focus and passion for doing the right thing for the users;
  • A degree or higher level academic background in a scientific or engineering subject;
  • Experience with Kubernetes and the ecosystem of Cloud Native tools;
  • Experience using machine learning tools in production.