Graphics Programmer

Graphics Programmer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Graphics Programmer to join our team.


  • Working with other team members to add new rendering features to all current platforms;
  • Implementing new graphics techniques;
  • Research and develop approaches to improve and implement great visuals;
  • Implementing game progression systems;
  • Well-developed written and verbal communication skills;
  • Ray tracing with DXR;
  • Design and implement software that creates world leading visualisation products;
  • Involvement at any stage of asset production from specification to platform-specific rendering;
  • Work closely with artists and programmers to develop advanced techniques for producing cutting edge visual effects;
  • Cloud streaming;
  • Ensuring code and feature quality and stability;
  • Strong 3D maths skills;
  • Graphics and rendering tech;
  • Mentoring and/or managing other members of the programming team;
  • Excellent experience of C++ and shader coding and debugging.


  • Open to exploring new ideas and approaches;
  • Strong 3D maths skills and a solid technical background;
  • Experience with low-level graphics APIs: Direct X, Metal, Vulkan, OpenGL and OpenGL ES;
  • Flexible and dynamic to react to changing requirements;
  • Two years or more of experience with real-time graphics in a modern engine;
  • Ability to design complex reusable systems;
  • Experience in profiling and implementing optimisations on both GPU and CPU;
  • Strong mathematics, C++, C#, HLSL/cg, OpenGL and Direct X 11/12 skills;
  • Strong software engineering and debugging skills;
  • Expert in C++
  • Ability to understand and optimise previously deployed code;
  • Ability to write clear and maintainable code;
  • Extensive knowledge and up to date experience using profiling tools and techniques;
  • Experience with high-end PC development;
  • Ability to research, implement and modify existing techniques.