Insight Analyst

Insight Analyst Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Insight Analyst to join our team.


  • Improving operations and communication across departments;
  • Launching new tools/processes across the company;
  • Carry out customer analytics on the company’s platform;
  • Derive insights from audiences and use it to improve the company’s performance;
  • Work on various projects across campaign performance;
  • Provide a full analysis of the customer lifecycle;
  • Work collaboratively with stakeholders to understand key business queries and support with strategic decision making;
  • Oversee demand management and resourcing for the team;
  • Using SQL to collect data from across the business and bring it together to support customer retention cycles and customer acquisition opportunities;
  • Optimise the pricing strategy for products;
  • Tailoring outputs for both Internal and External audiences using Power BI to drive informed business decisions;
  • Develop and manage Power BI visualisations to be shared across the business;
  • Support various stakeholder in interpreting data and analysing results;
  • Help to bring new systems into Data Governance scope and ongoing operational support;
  • Communicate with stakeholders, managing projects and expectations.


  • Charity industry preferred- and a background in deriving insights for the company;
  • Comfortable engaging and presenting to stakeholders;
  • Maintains required industry recognised skills through training and self-study methods;
  • Self-starter & ability to manage stakeholders;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Knowledge of Tableau is desirable, but not essential;
  • AIX;
  • Innovation: Consistently seek out new ways to approach every task/situation;
  • Process automation experience;
  • Possess strong interpersonal and presentations skills;
  • Strong SQL and Excel skills;
  • Excel and SSPS;
  • Creativity: Continuously challenge the way we do things and how we can make our offering different to our competitors;
  • Previous statistical modelling experience;
  • Strong Academics- 2:1 and above in Maths/Stats degree.