Trade Compliance Officer

Trade Compliance Officer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Trade Compliance Officer to join our team.


  • Day to day operational task provide support on International Trade matters;
  • Review current training materials and collaborate with Trade Compliance Manager on learning objectives and using effective enabling objectives;
  • Preparing plans for execution of activities as well as reviewing applicable policies, procedures and associated documentation;
  • Collaborate on security vetting procedures with the Security Control Officer;
  • Registration, Application and subsequent management of export authorisations using;
  • Authorising imports for Home Use / Inward Processing Relief and maintaining appropriate auditable registers and documents;
  • Product Classification of internally designed products as well as external supplier products;
  • Spire/lite;
  • Ensure appropriate storage and access controls of all documentation, which is subject to external and internal audit;
  • Provide sound guidance and advice on Trade Compliance issues with Program Managers;
  • Create & develop Trade Compliance working processes at the UK facility;
  • Deliver Trade Compliance Training to internal stakeholders;
  • Coordinate compliance-training activities in accordance with the Compliance training plan;
  • Authorising controlled exports and maintaining appropriate auditable registers and documents using SAP/GTS & Ad-Hoc process;
  • Registration, Application of F680/F1686/ACP authorisations in collaboration with the Security Control Officer.


  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal;
  • A good understanding of either General Compliance and/or Trade Compliance / Customs Compliance.