Cyber Security Innovation Architect/Researcher

Cyber Security Innovation Architect/Researcher Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Cyber Security Innovation Architect/Researcher to join our team.


  • Publish academic articles, technical reports, and white papers;
  • Present new technology concepts;
  • Present at Global conferences and events;
  • Manage Programs;
  • Support industrialisation of solutions;
  • Develop prototype solutions;
  • Undertake technical scouting missions (product evaluations and bench marking);
  • Advise on evolving and latest threats & risks.


  • Experience of research, new technology, and solutions development;
  • Cyber security experience in relevant cyber security specialist area;
  • Excellent report writing;
  • Experience with managing and delivering cyber security programs;
  • Degree, Training or equivalent experience in relevant cyber security-related subject;
  • Ph.D. or research experience in a related subject.