Graduate IT Consultant

Graduate IT Consultant Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Graduate IT Consultant to join our team.


  • Coordinating with software and hardware providers;
  • Maintaining existing systems and infrastructure (with support from external IT providers);
  • Working with Directors / Department Heads in developing new solutions or expanding upon existing solution;
  • Supporting software/hardware needs for all internal teams.


  • Sociable and confident, has gravitas;
  • Willing to work hard and learn new sales skills;
  • Smart, ambitious, articulate individuals;
  • Graduate 2.1 or above;
  • Sporting background desired but not essential;
  • Keen to work with business leaders at a senior level;
  • Genuine money motivation and desire to succeed;
  • Must be able to work under pressure to ensure our operations stay on line;
  • Must have an active interest in latest software and hardware developments, actively highlighting benefits to the company;
  • Excellent communication and people skills;
  • IT based degree (preferred);
  • Reliable and hard working with a consistently detailed approach;
  • Good understanding of software and coding.