Senior Gameplay Programmer

Senior Gameplay Programmer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Senior Gameplay Programmer to join our team.


  • Troubleshoot complex problems as they arise and construct solutions to unforeseen design problems in a timely manner;
  • Implement features taking care to write efficient code and with an eye to a quality end-user experience;
  • Meet project deadlines and milestones as determined by Production;
  • With the Lead Game Programmer, determine tasks to implement features and systems, and accurately determine associated timelines;
  • Create/meet project deadlines & milestones as determined by Game Programming Manager;
  • Work closely with Design to Quickly prototype gameplay experiences;
  • Write clean, professional, and maintainable code;
  • Take ownership (in collaboration with the team) to ensure that features and systems implemented are presented at quality within the game experience;
  • Proactively problem-solve performance and stability issues when necessary.


  • Expertise and passion in one or more of the following areas:AI, User Interfaces, General Game-play;
  • Good communication skills, able to work well under pressure;
  • Game programming discipline mastery, able to produce high quality and high volume work;
  • Strong debugging skills with ability to work in a large existing codebase, learn new systems/concepts and implement them quickly and efficiently;
  • Ability to work well in a fluid, changing environment as creative challenges evolve;
  • Previous experience with Unreal Engine/Unity Engine is a bonus;
  • Strong work ethic, self-motivated, demonstrates initiative, and a powerful creative drive;
  • Excellent initiative, self-motivation, organisational and problem solving skills, with the ability to both drive and follow direction;
  • A strong grasp of signs and feedback in player-facing systems (aka juiciness);
  • A genuine interest in playing games. A love for games with deep engaging combat as well as a passion for martial arts is a big bonus;
  • Proficient in C/C++/C# and object-oriented programming;
  • 3+ years of relevant programming experience with at least 1 shipped game on any platform;
  • Game knowledge and passion and an understanding of the design principles behind games;
  • Proven coding skills, self-directed, capable of working on projects independently;
  • Good communication and team attitude working with game developers from all disciplines.