Home Care Support Worker

Home Care Support Worker Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Home Care Support Worker to join our team.


  • To assist clients with toileting, continence management and personal hygiene;
  • To contact the office immediately if running late or unavailable to work;
  • To provide light general household domestic duties as detailed in the care plan or instructed by management;
  • To help maintain contact with their family and friends;
  • Recording and reporting;
  • To know and understand the care and support of the client;
  • To take responsibility for the safe handling of property and equipment belonging to the client;
  • To ensure as safe as possible the living environment for the for client, whilst respecting the clients choice and rights;
  • To assist clients with getting up in the morning and going to bed at night;
  • To encourage the independence and motivation of the client and not foster dependant behaviour;
  • To be responsible for the appropriate recording, and upkeep of, the service user’s files;
  • To undertake Shift Leader responsibilities;
  • To answer the telephone as appropriate taking clear, unambiguous messages, and ensure these are being passed on, and recorded as necessary;
  • To follow organisation’s and unit’s Policies and Procedures in the administration and recording of medication;
  • To take part in the unit’s fire drills, and to understand and follow the unit’s Fire Safety procedures.


  • You must be a car owner with a full driving licence;
  • You must live locally.