Vehicle Artist

Vehicle Artist Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Vehicle Artist to join our team.


  • You will optimise your assets to maximise game performance;
  • You will work with our production team to ensure all your work is correctly scoped and planned;
  • You will be responsible for the creative aspects of recreating vehicles from history to cater to our core USP of historical authenticity;
  • You will create key assets and textures and implement them in-game;
  • You will work to create historically accurate vehicles for our in-house first person shooters;
  • You will work closely with our awesome art department, and ensure all assets made are consistent on a technical and artistic level.


  • You have a strong understanding of how to maximise the technical elements of environmental design to increase visual fidelity;
  • You have a strong understanding of the strengths and limitations of the technical pipelines used in contemporary game engines;
  • Strong understanding of art pipelines and use ofUE4;
  • You’ve worked in a visually realistic style before, preferably utilizing 3DS Max;
  • You have a portfolio of visually impressive hard-surface assets. Props and weapons are ideal;
  • A means for communicating your visual ideas effectively at the concept stage;
  • Experience with Substance suite or Quixel;
  • Your excellent eye for aesthetic style, colour and detail fuels your skills in the creation and recreation of fantastic vehicle and prop art;
  • An understanding of shaders and how they are used in UE4;
  • An understanding of the inner workings and/or history of contemporary and historical firearms.