Associate Scientist

Associate Scientist Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Associate Scientist to join our team.


  • Assay and instrument troubleshooting;
  • Performing analysis of protein therapeutics using CD, FTIR and NMR;
  • Protein characterisation using the latest technology;
  • Responsible for compliant, clear and concise documentation and/or presentation of all experimental studies and results;
  • Scientific problem solving;
  • Execute laboratory studies to develop the cell process for autologous cell/ex vivo gene therapies;
  • Researching specific analytical protocols, keeping aware of all the latest techniques;
  • Support development of a portfolio of ex vivo gene therapies from early to late stage by executing development work and generating data;
  • Maintain storage areas for customer test samples, dispose of samples via the appropriate waste stream as required;
  • Conduct studies to develop and validate innovative technologies and approaches to make step-change improvements in process efficiency;
  • Ensuring lab material and consumables are available;
  • Maintaining lab equipment, making sure it’s always functioning, repairing and maintaining this as and when needed;
  • Communication of analytical issues to the Senior Analytical Management Team.


  • Extensive knowledge of protein chemistry;
  • Previous experience using Bruker NMR is desirable, due to it being an area of development recognised by the team;
  • PhD- relevant field or bachelor’s degree plus laboratory experience using spectroscopy techniques;
  • Awareness of ICH guidelines;
  • Proven track record of NMR usage.