Polymer Testing Laboratory Technician

Polymer Testing Laboratory Technician Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Polymer Testing Laboratory Technician to join our team.


  • Operate and maintain laboratory and other development equipment to company standards;
  • Maintain excellent records of development and technical support work This facilitates good control and assists in continuous improvement;
  • Participate in SHE programmes to ensure that excellent SHE performance is achieved;
  • Conduct and report upon programmes of technical service work. The required results are produced within defined timetables, and in an appropriate way.


  • A detailed understanding of appropriate test methods;
  • A high level of vocational experience, preferably coupled with a minimum HNC;
  • Ability to report results in written and oral form to Technologists and members of the Technical team;
  • Ability to take a rigorous and quantitative approach to laboratory work;
  • Ability to provide knowledge and experimental expertise to guide and assist in a variety of plant and customer-related issues;
  • Ability to ensure safe operation of equipment and processes at laboratory and pilot scale.

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