Synthetic Chemist

Synthetic Chemist Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Synthetic Chemist to join our team.


  • Produce and review GMP compliant Batch Synthesis Instructions and other process documentation;
  • Maintain Laboratory Notebook, ensuring that this is countersigned;
  • Work flexibly across the site to meet business needs;
  • Work with due regard to health &safety of self and others;
  • Provide cover as required, for scale up and manufacturing phases;
  • Participate in process risk assessments for process to be scaled up on site;
  • Required to develop and realise synthetic chemistry plans for medicinal chemistry programmes with high scientific rigour;
  • Maintain high personal synthetic productivity and be seen as a role model for others in the laboratory;
  • Must be able to communicate effectively their research endeavours and future proposals;
  • Provide advice and direction on synthetic organic chemistry issues to colleagues.


  • An excellent record in Synthetic organic chemistry, either at Doctoral level or Graduate with minimum of one year’s relevant industrial experience;
  • A PhD/D.Phil and postdoctoral research experience in total synthesis;
  • First class degree or equivalent in chemistry.