Billing Analyst

Billing Analyst Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Billing Analyst to join our team.


  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure billing accuracy;
  • Preparation of bill runs and associated management reports;
  • Dealing with internal billing queries, bill recalculations etc;
  • Checking that everything charged by carriers is being billed out as required;
  • Carry out billing tasks that will streamline process and improve accuracy;
  • Checking that carriers/suppliers are charging correctly and requesting/chasing credits from them when they are not;
  • Monthly Reporting for the Director team, taking responsibility for monthly reports, working within tight deadlines;
  • Contribution to monthly billing process;
  • Support monthly and quarterly audits and clean ups;
  • Profit and loss analysis;
  • Daily review of new contracts, amendments and terminations;
  • DD collections;
  • Assist with customer account reconciliations;
  • Updating/inputting professional disbursement invoices for billing as and when required using the ChromeRiver invoice function;
  • Reconciliation of contracts and sales orders to the Billing system.


  • Routine is your happy place and you can follow a set of guidelines and not be afraid to ask for help;
  • You have amazing, some would say over the top, attention to detail;
  • You are a traditionalist who loves to follow objective guidelines in delivering solutions;
  • You are a person able to prevent unnecessary errors and omissions by managing processes and systems;
  • Excellent Excel skills;
  • Eye for detail with a penchant for accuracy;
  • Confident happy personality, prepared to be innovative and embrace a changing environment;
  • Completer finisher, able to take a task and follow it to the end without close supervision;
  • Well-mannered and polite;
  • Strong analytic skills with a tenacious personality as problems can be complex and involved;
  • Good communication to be able to verbalise findings and suggest solutions;
  • Strong personality with the confidence to be assertive.