Technical Artist

Technical Artist Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Technical Artist to join our team.


  • Bring innovation and resolution to technical problems and challenges throughout production;
  • Initiating optimization processes by using diagnostic tools to examine current content and identifying areas for improvement;
  • Understanding the requirements and constraints of game design, engine, and platforms;
  • Proactively use knowledge and experience to identify and solve problems before they affect the development team;
  • Author and maintain scripts to be used by artists in content creation applications;
  • Communicate solutions to art and programming teams, ability to collaborate effectively with other team disciplines;
  • Providing feedback to programmers and experimenting with features as they are added;
  • Resolving complex issues and helping other artists resolve technical hurdles;
  • Implement new techniques that increase art quality and efficiency across disciplines;
  • Document and knowledge share these solutions;
  • Assisting and guiding external developers and artists – Work with our client’s art teams to improve best practices, and use them to optimize workflows.


  • Strong communication and organizational skills;
  • Familiarity working and developing in a multi-platform, multi-project environment;
  • Problem-solve and provide a clear solution to complicated issues;
  • 2+ years of applicable professional experience as a technical artist with knowledge of engines and art pipelines;
  • Experience with current generation Console Platforms (Xbox One and Playstation 4);
  • Motivated, self-driven and enthusiasm to their craft;
  • Python;
  • Maya scripting languages;
  • Technical Writing experience a plus;
  • Substance Designer & Painter;
  • Maya;
  • Thorough understanding in developing pipelines and creating efficient user interfaces;
  • Industry experience is a requirement, having shipped title(s) on PS4, Xbox One and/or PC;
  • Human Anatomy.