Senior React Developer

Senior React Developer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Senior React Developer to join our team.


  • Working collaboratively on a range of new and existing products and features, championing new ideas and tech and working on greenfield projects.


  • Good knowledge and handling of common React patterns (HOC, render props, Provider pattern, Container / Presentational components etc.);
  • Experience with structuring and writing unit tests;
  • Knowledge of common React principles (immutability, pure functions, functional / class components, pure components, change detection etc);
  • Significant experience and knowledge of React;
  • General knowledge of common challenges in frontend development (eg: browser behaviour and limitations, frontend application optimisations, etc);
  • Knowledge of common design patterns (eg: Pub/Sub, module pattern, dependency injection etc);
  • Extensive knowledge of JavaScript (ES5 spec and up). Eg: JS primitives vs objects, scopes in JS, understanding of closures, function binding etc;
  • Experience and good knowledge of common React libraries (Redux, react router, etc.);
  • Expertise in building Front End Single Page Applications with React and Redux;
  • Experience with setting up and writing end to end tests;
  • Awareness of common frontend styling paradigms (eg: CSS modules, css in JS);
  • Knowledge of general frontend tooling (particularly Node.js and npm).