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Today, in the midst of COVID-19, there are professions that maintain our well-being and the country's economy. Every day these people do the work important for everyone. Their hands are stronger than any hardships
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We collect up-to-date job postings, which are popular during quarantine. Backpack, screwdriver, car wheel or PC - each job needs its own tools, but all of them are of equally great importance to the society
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The lockdown has been a challenge for many of us, we've been frustrated, we've been lost and depressed. Millions of us have lost our jobs - our solid foundation, our dream. Thousands of employers have implemented hiring freezes cutting costs. The labor market seemed frozen. However, there is always another side to the coin. These challenges have established new labor market rules and caused an increase in demand for hard-working hands. The number of blue-collar job openings now has increased by 0.5-3 times compared to February 2020. The most popular ones are listed below:
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The quarantine and long-term isolation have been challenging to many of us and the future still remains uncertain. We don't know for sure when the world of work might return to normal or what scars this pandemic will leave, but we definitely know that in times like these humanity learns to live again. We've learned, for example, that in this new life we can accomplish most tasks remotely. Remote work, work-from-home jobs are becoming increasingly popular among both businesses and employees. We've noticed that the number of "remote" jobs posted on Jooble increased by more than 20 times since the beginning of the quarantine.
These are not the only jobs needed now. There are more truly important jobs than one can imagine!
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The pandemic of 2020 has had a major impact on the labor market, one can notice a clear decline in job openings or hiring freezes in some spheres. Although, we traditionally think of half-empty glass, it's high time to consider the other half of it since there are still many companies in need of hard-working hands. We've noticed that the demand for blue-collar workers increased by 1.5 times since the beginning of the quarantine.
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