Senior iOS Developer

Senior iOS Developer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Senior iOS Developer to join our team.


  • Mind performance metrics to draw conclusions and drive change;
  • Write efficient, maintainable and reusable code and tests. Pass code reviews and be a good scout in general;
  • Be an efficient and responsible team member, communicate, participate and help;
  • Work with QA in a weekly release cycle;
  • Hands-on development: analyse product specifications, design implementations, write code and rapidly deliver features;
  • Be enthused about teamwork in an AGILE environment: attend daily stand-ups, plan and demo your projects;
  • Contribute technical ideas and suggestions to enhance the direction of the product;
  • Strive towards a continuous integration and delivery process in a pragmatic manner where appropriate;
  • Ensure the performance, quality and responsiveness of applications;
  • Identify and correct bottlenecks in the delivery process;
  • Design and Build applications for the iOS platform as required within a commercial working environment;
  • Collaborate with the team to define, design and ship new features and new apps as required by the Product Owner / Business Sponsor;
  • Maintain and improve code quality;
  • Work to fix bugs as prioritised by the Product Owner.


  • Up to date with the latest Cocoa and iOS trends;
  • Knowledge of socket based networking desirable;
  • Understanding of analytics, remote reporting and measurements;
  • Understanding of UIKit, Core Animation, GCD & Networking;
  • Experience of working with Continuous Integration (CI) and Unit Testing on iOS;
  • Product-focused iOS application development experience;
  • Experience performance profiling with instruments in Xcode;
  • Strong understanding of design patterns and Object Oriented Programming;
  • Experience with Unit/UI testing (e.g. XCTest, EarlGrey);
  • Experience working in an Agile Scrum environment and collaborative tools (e.g Jira);
  • Experience with AppStoreConnect, release process;
  • Experience with Instruments and advanced debugging;
  • Strong knowledge of Swift;
  • In-depth experience of working with RESTful APIs;
  • Solid knowledge of Auto Layout, Storyboards, XIBs.