Systems Engineer | Operate

Systems Engineer | Operate Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Systems Engineer | Operate to join our team.


  • Contribute to the deployment of Kubernetes in our on premise infrastructure and integrate it with our AWS and GCP Kubernetes clusters;
  • Design, provision and maintain physical, virtual and container (Kubernetes) infrastructure on premise;
  • Implement self service solutions for on premise service provisioning with Terraform, Ansible and PowerShell;
  • Work closely with the NOC team to design and implement a monitoring solution for the on premise infrastructure;
  • Work closely with development teams to deliver solutions and advise on best practices. Help development teams to migrate services to AWS or GCP;
  • Work closely with the End User Experience team and provide technical support and mentoring.


  • Experience managing storage solutions in production (Netapp, Compellent);
  • Good understanding of public cloud (AWS, GCP) and microservices (Docker, Kubernetes) architecture;
  • Experience deploying and maintaining different monitoring technologies (Prometheus, InfluxDB, Grafana, Greylog, Splunk);
  • Strong experience operating and maintaining production systems in a Linux, Windows and public cloud environment;
  • Strong experience in Infrastructure and virtualization technologies (VMWare, oVirt, KVM);
  • Experience with configuration management (Ansible) and infrastructure as code (Terraform, Packer) and version control software (Git);
  • Good knowledge of CI/CD principles and methodologies;
  • Excellent scripting skills (Bash, Python, go, PowerShell);
  • Excellent understanding of networking infrastructure (Cisco, Palo Alto, VLANs, Firewalls, Routing, Proxies, DNS).