UK Invoicing Leader

UK Invoicing Leader Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a UK Invoicing Leader to join our team.


  • Ensures on-time invoice issuance across DXC;
  • Ensures quality & timeliness of consumption and invoicing data through KPIs;
  • Responsible for working with Credit & Collections to resolve customer invoicing issues & provide account receivables information;
  • Responsible for executing 20-30 projects annually, Corporate changes, Internal transformation requirements;
  • Responsible for managing 8 direct supervisors, 85 analysts globally – large, diverse team;
  • Responsible for driving DSO reduction working with multiple organizations, globally;
  • Understands & ensures compliance with the DXC sales/commission processes that is driven upon client invoice information;
  • Resource utilization;
  • Ensure compliance with DXC Policies & Controls + Sox Compliance for invoicing;
  • Strategic – understand the company direction and ensure that invoice process and systems + resources can support.


  • Ability to work across global time zones;
  • Ability to quickly extinguish escalations and drive issue resolution;
  • Change Management;
  • Experience managing diverse large global team;
  • Understands order & invoicing requirements as part of the E2E process in support of the account & the customer;
  • Experience driving change Management;
  • Proven process and system expertise in the areas of order acceptance, order management & customer invoicing;
  • Ability to work across organizations to influence positive change that will drive process improvement;
  • Understanding of basic services invoicing requirements: fixed price, variable, volumetric, and complex consumption invoicing;
  • Ability to drive Transformation;
  • English language mastery;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Attention to detail & numeric ability.