Electronics Process Engineer

Electronics Process Engineer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Electronics Process Engineer to join our team.


  • To undertake responsibility for oven profiling;
  • Manage a portfolio of projects directed at reducing waste and improving quality to provide greater value, using appropriate methodology;
  • Other relevant duties as required;
  • The creation & control of shopfloor processes;
  • Create SPI programs;
  • Implement a formal program that focuses on reducing process and product variation;
  • To advise on new manufacturing techniques;
  • Validate machine programs;
  • Will be responsible for managing and leading continuous improvement projects;
  • First line support and troubleshooting for all production breakdown issues;
  • Maintain/create AOI programs;
  • Perform engineering analysis to reduce downtime and stoppages;
  • Keep equipment operational by coordinating maintenance and repair services; following manufacturer’s instructions and established procedures.


  • Hands on approach to all tasks/mechanically minded;
  • Experience of SMD PCB assembly is essential;
  • Understanding and implementing process improvement;
  • Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines;
  • Experience gained in a Manufacturing/Engineering role. Knowledge of ERP/MRP.