Test Engineer

Assist engineers in determining the practicality of proposed product design changes and plan and carry out tests on experimental test devices or equipment for performance, durability, or efficiency.

Test Engineer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Test Engineer to join our team.


  • Conduct customer product demonstrations;
  • Work with the field service engineers to support flight AOG testing, when required;
  • Create test procedures to support system and acceptance test campaigns;
  • Manually executes tests, as needed;
  • Refines and adds test scenarios as the feature is being developed;
  • Testing of equipment such as battery boxes, switchgear equipment, and other power supply products;
  • Ensuring relevant product standards are met BS EN 60950;
  • Keeps stakeholders updated on testing progress and feature quality concerns;
  • Design and build test rigs;
  • Performing tests and data analysis on new and existing products;
  • Accurate and detailed written test reporting;
  • Management of test coverage to ensure all requirements are adequately tested Procure, create and manage test data required;
  • Raising defects where appropriate, providing concise, accurate reporting;
  • Temperature, pressure and various environmental tests. Electrical Power Variations tests;
  • Develop and maintain system and user acceptance tests and scripts based on product requirements.


  • Be flexible and have the ability to adapt and learn quickly;
  • Knowledge of satellite systems, or telecommunication networks (LTE/3G/etc.);
  • Communicate effectively, with excellent spoken and written English;
  • Familiarity of Agile practices (Scrum or Kanban);
  • Ability to demonstrate critical thinking when it comes to deciding how to test an application;
  • Good written and verbal communication skills;
  • BSc/MSc or BEng/MEng level in Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, or similar;
  • Experience with Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery frameworks and processes;
  • UK Driving Licence;
  • Deep understanding of the functional aspects of web and RESTful applications, e.g., browser cookies, URLs and methods;
  • Experience in the development and execution of test automation scripts (Selenium, Cucumber, Karate etc);
  • Experience in Test / lab or similar environment is essential Excellent troubleshooting skills;
  • Experience of API testing, with an understanding of HTTP protocol;
  • Labview knowledge will be desirable;
  • Set up of test assemblies.