IT Technology Apprentice

IT Technology Apprentice Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a IT Technology Apprentice to join our team.


  • Maintain and fix other computing equipment;
  • Supporting staff to implement new technologies in the workplace;
  • Working with a range of technology hardware -Android, Windows, Mac;
  • Support with technology asset management;
  • Social media and website updates;
  • Liaise with third party suppliers such as Internet Service Providers and vendors;
  • Resolve problems associated with operating systems, networks, software, hardware, printers etc;
  • Installing new software and hardware;
  • Supporting the use of database systems and Content Management Software;
  • Supporting software development and implementation;
  • Assist in system upgrades and system maintenance;
  • Use of a ticketing system for task allocation/monitoring;
  • Service desk support– diagnosis of IT issues and supporting users remotely using remote connection tools.


  • Microsoft MTA Mobility & Devices Fundamentals;
  • Microsoft MTA Server Fundamentals;
  • BCS Business Processes;
  • Microsoft MTA Networking Fundamentals;
  • Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals.