Sewing Machinist

Sewing Machinist Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Sewing Machinist to join our team.


  • To be able to use modern sewing machines;
  • Sewing garments to size from customer orders;
  • Pinning and measuring garments;
  • Any other ad-hoc duties requested by your line leader;
  • Ensuring the work area is organised and meets H & S standards;
  • Sewing Leather panels to create interior trim components for luxury vehicles;
  • Sewing at various stages of the assembly process;
  • Cutting and preparing fabrics;
  • Use of lockstitch sewing machine;
  • Working with quality fabrics to add finishing sections to the main body of the top;
  • To have the experience with neck links.


  • Experience using an industrial sewing machine;
  • Good spoken English is essential;
  • Be able to manage your own work load;
  • Able to change needles;
  • An eye for detail and well developed sewing / practical skills;
  • Have good attention to detail;
  • Ability to change threads when needed;
  • Experience working with Industrial sewing machines;
  • Previous experience in a sewing machinist role;
  • Experienced in using a flatbed machine;
  • Experience using a sewing machine in a work environment;
  • The ability to work with heavy-duty materials due to the nature of the final product;
  • Good communication skills as you will be working within a small team;
  • The ability to work in an upright position for long periods.