Freelance Unity Developer

Freelance Unity Developer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Freelance Unity Developer to join our team.


  • Working effectively in a small team, and communicating with production staff, artists and other developers;
  • Contributing to design ideas;
  • Implementing, debugging and refining core features;
  • Time management, assisting in the planning of projects through task estimation.


  • Good programming skills in C#, understanding of OOP and coding best practices;
  • The ability to learn new skills and to keep up to date with front-end development techniques;
  • Strong affinity with vector and matrix math;
  • Development experience in Unreal Engine 4;
  • Strong problem solving ability; the ability to adapt to challenges through self-driven education and experimentation;
  • Proficiency in shader programming and an understanding of the graphics pipeline;
  • Development experience within the Unity Engine;
  • C++/Obj C knowledge, primarily for plugins;
  • Experience with VR/AR hardware, software and content.