Unity Programmer

Unity Programmer Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Unity Programmer to join our team.


  • Proactively identifying potential project problems and providing possible solutions;
  • Volunteering suggestions on how project systems can be developed/improved;
  • Developing solutions that are simple to read, easy to maintain and easy for other disciplines to interact with;
  • Developing features to a high standard without technical supervision;
  • Working with your senior mentor or lead to define the plan and scope of work;
  • Implementing solutions to a broad range of technical problems.


  • An understanding of algorithmic performance characteristics;
  • Familiarity with the render pipeline and authoring workflow;
  • A good understanding of the underlying engine architecture of Unity;
  • Good knowledge of VR and AR design principles;
  • A good working knowledge of C#;
  • An understanding of performance considerations and the ability to use a range of profiling and debugging tools to identify and fix performance issues;
  • BSc in Computer Science or another related field;
  • A strong grasp of linear algebra;
  • A passion for cutting edge technology, and willingness to explore new skills and techniques.