Data Scientist / Statistician (PhD level)

Data Scientist / Statistician (PhD level) Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Data Scientist / Statistician (PhD level) to join our team.


  • Support colleagues in the use of statistics and data science tools and techniques;
  • Develop tools and techniques to produce creative solutions which meet the needs of the team;
  • Develop and maintain models for global Technology teams;
  • Present data insights, hypothesis, and proposals in a clear and meaningful manner.


  • Ideally a PhD in Statistics, Data Science, or in a scientific field with a strong statistical content;
  • Experience in coding and with statistical or data science software packages is a plus – ability to learn is necessary;
  • An inquisitive, problem-solving nature with excellent technical competencies and the desire to learn;
  • Ability to work autonomously and manage priorities, while retaining a collaborative and inclusive approach with others;
  • Experience in Design of Experiments, regression modelling and data manipulation;
  • Good communication and presentation skills.

What job descriptions are similar to Data Scientist / Statistician (PhD level)?

What jobs are similar to Data Scientist / Statistician (PhD level)?