GCMS Analyst

GCMS Analyst Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a GCMS Analyst to join our team.


  • The preparation, analysis, interpretation and quantification of fragrances using GC – MS/FID;
  • Leading a small team within the laboratory;
  • Maintaining an up to date knowledge of new fragrance ingredients & components within the market – keeping a detailed library;
  • Developing analytical method development as necessary, identifying opportunities to improve runtime & quality;
  • Preparation of samples may require solvent extraction techniques such as SPME arrow;
  • Interpretation and quantification of fragrances using relevant software on PC;
  • To provide an analysis report for the fragrance of be made in the lab;
  • Analysis of samples using GCMS-FID using relevant software and instrumentation;
  • Responsibility for instrumentation, general and advance maintenance and performance and trend monitoring of the instruments carried out;
  • Preparation of samples for analysis on GCMS-FID;
  • Analysing samples and be able to perform maintenance and trouble shooting;
  • To keep up date on new fragrance ingredients/components within the market and to add these to library accordingly;
  • To continuously undertake method development to help improve runtime and quality of analysis from the instrumentation;
  • Ability to recognise problems and take corrective action;
  • Using GCMS to identify different substances in a test sample.


  • Experience of working within the flavours and fragrance industry – essential;
  • Proven industry experience as a GCMS Analyst for a sufficient period of time – essential;
  • Desirable to have experience using Mass Hunter software;
  • Experience within leadership – desirable┬ĚChemistry or related science degree or equivalent;
  • Excellent attention to detail and be able to prioritise work to specified deadlines;
  • Good communicator.