Training and Competency Manager

Training and Competency Manager Job Description Template

Our company is looking for a Training and Competency Manager to join our team.


  • Ensure users of the facility are adequately educated and trained according to legal, industry, and company best practice;
  • Line manage technical trainers and oversee training in the facility;
  • Provide support to other Named Persons of the facility (including HOLC, NACWO, NVS);
  • Setting the standards for training and supervision, leading on training trainers and assessors to ensure the overall quality of service delivered;
  • Contributing to inducting new starters into the Facility;
  • Providing advice on training staff should complete in order to gain the licence they are working towards;
  • Analysing the training needs of the business to deliver a training portfolio, linking users and staff with specialist trainers as required.


  • ASRU EU Module 1, 10, 50;
  • IAT Membership or equivalent qualification and experience;
  • Knowledge of GLP, HSE, and COSHH regulations is desirable;
  • Current or previous holder of a Home Office Personal Licence;
  • Proven experience as a trainer/assessor is essential, being an accredited assessor under ASPA is desirable;
  • Detailed knowledge of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act and relevant sections of the guidance;
  • Knowledge of husbandry needs of mice and of common experimental procedures.